In late 2009 the Skyhawk's club started flying combat sessions using a one make class, loosely based on the very successful American SSC class of combat models. We comply to the SSC rules but for two, the engine size is .15-.21 (.21 engines are cheaper than .15), and the prop is a 8x5 Master Air Screw.
Club members drafted and tested the design, trying to keep the parts costs down as low as possible. Small changes were made after three prototypes were built, then eighteen sets of wing cores for the rest of the club were cut from high density foam (Dow Bluefoam). So far the wings and fuselarge design has proven VERY robust, yet the model is still very maneuverable. The large wing area and a fat airfoil section limits the top speed with it's small engine, which prevents excessive damage from collisions. The Reaper flies very tight loops and hard banked turns, but is easy to fly smoothly with a little expo dialed into the transmitter throws.

Long term the club wants to have social combat events with other clubs, should there be another club with some hardcore pilots out there. The aim of the Reaper is to encourage cheap RC Combat to grow in other Australian clubs.

The Reaper is designed to create a very nimble but cheap model aircraft, that flies at moderate speeds and can survive hard crashes.
Apart from the wing cores the model is built from hardware store materials.

Note - The CoG for maiden flight should be 75mm with an empty fuel tank, not 85mm as the plan says. For electrics use 70mm for maiden. Plans will be amended eventually.


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