If you are new to Aero-sports and wish to start learning, it is best to organise a day with one of the below instructors. Although most weekends there are some instructors at the club, they may have been pre-booked. Best to organise before hand.


Meeting Venue: The Club House, Bentley Road, Blakeview.

7.30 PM - Second Wednesday of the month

Meetings will commence at 7.30 PM on the following dates for 2017;

11 Jan.
8 Feb.
8 Mar.
12 Apr.
10 May.
14 Jun (AGM).
12 Jul.
9 Aug.
13 Sep.
11 Oct.
08 Nov.
13 Dec.

Here we will list some helpful and handy technical articles to help you out!

Please use the links on the left to view the articles.

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